Sophomore Going to World Competition for Irish Dance

Update: Carlson-Riddle placed 37th in the competition.

On April 12, sophomore Cameron Carlson-Riddle will board a plane headed for London, England, for the world

Sophomore Cameron Carlson-Riddle
Sophomore Cameron Carlson-Riddle

competition of Irish dance. The competition takes place from April 13 to April 20. “Worlds is just like the Olympics for Irish dancing,” Carlson-Riddle said.

Starting when he was 5, Carlson-Riddle has been dancing ever since. He first got his start when his dad showed him a video

of a  River Dance, and he couldn’t stop watching it. “I started to do what the dancers on the TV were doing,” he said. His mom then took him to a class at his sister’s dance studio.

Carlson-Riddle has been to Worlds once before. He went in 2013 when it was held in Boston. “I am currently 42nd in the world,” Carlson-Riddle said. According to him, there will be 4,000 to 6,000 competitors at the competition. Two other dancers from his dance school are going with him. “I practice a lot every day,” Carlson-Riddle said. “Everything I do revolves around my dancing.”

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