Boys’ Golf Team Begins Season

The varsity boys’ golf team finished third on April. 1 at Pumpkin Ridge Ghost Creek.  “It was our first competition of the year,” sophomore Kai Hellberg said. The team has been practicing with new coach Jeff Kragt.

To prepare for competitions, Kragt has had golfers practicing at private and non-private clubs around Portland Monday through Thursday. “We were either placed into JV or varsity based on how the coach viewed our performance,” Hellberg said. “Even though I wasn’t placed in either, I feel like there’s a lot of room for improvement since it’s my first year,” Hellberg said.

“Everyone seems to like the new coach Jeff Kragt better,” sophomore varsity Ben Stickney said. Stickney was a part the team last year, and has noticed changes in the work done by both coaches.  “He is is a little more strict and more interested in making the players better,” Stickney said.

Stickney shot 75 and won the competition over David Ganz of Jesuit. “A lot of us play tournaments through OJGA in the summer so we have tournament experience,” Stickney said. The varsity team has its next competition at Langdon farms on April. 7.