Musician Evan Haning’s Experience Playing During The Musical “Chicago”


Evan Haning spending time to practice during his 8th period.

“You only get two chances to do something like this in high school” says junior trumpet player Evan Haning. He is one of the musicians who played in the pit during the school musical “Chicago” which closed March 15. There is a musical every other year so anyone who is part of the music program only gets two opportunities to play. Haning played during his freshman year in the show “Company,” so “Chicago” will be the second time he’s played for a show.

Haning has been playing trumpet for five years. “My favorite part about playing is that there’s always something to improve on,” Haning said. Haning was in the jazz band during his freshman year, but has been part of the big band ever since. “It requires a lot of endurance and a lot of practice,” Haning said.

Student musicians playing in the pit during a musical get to play with professional musicians from around Portland. “It’s a nice being able to work with pro musicians because they can give us insight, and it feels like a professional job” Haning said.

While the performers for the musical get to switch casts each performance, the musicians had to show up to every show for its full duration. “I feel like it’s worth it since we get to play challenging music in a different environment,” Haning said.

Anyone who wanted to play in the pit could participate, but had to dedicate the time. “We practiced once a week for about a month and a half, and every day for a week before the actual shows” Haning said, “It’s great that we have the opportunity to play in such a unique setting.”


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