New Courses Announced For The 2014-2015 School Year


Jacob Diamond filling out his forecast form during lunch

Forecasting for next year’s classes has begun, and with new courses, students are finding more options than in previous years. “I really like that they are adding more specialized courses,” junior Jacob Diamond said.

New classes ranging from Culinary Arts to Anatomy and Physiology have been added to the course guide, and if enough people sign up for the classes they will be available next year.

“I’m happy that they finally added a Culinary Arts class, but I’m curious about where the classroom will be,” junior Ben Michalisko said. The course is one of the new subjects that hasn’t had any details about where it will be or who will be teaching it released.

“This class will be very cool if enough people sign up for it,” SL 1-2 Math teacher Chadwick Hamilton said while discussing the new Math Connections course during the forecasting fair. The course will allow students to research whatever they want for a single semester and have control over how they are assessed for a grade.

Anatomy and Physiology will teach students about human body systems and will count as an elective credit for next year.

“It’s awesome that our school will be offering more electives next year, and I’ll definitely sign up for a few of the new classes,” junior Ryan Asbury said. Forecasting sheets will be due by March. 14 in front of the counseling center.


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