Snowboard Team Claims Second and Third at First Boarder-Cross and Banked Slalom


The snowboard team claimed second and third places in its first and banked slalom individual race competition of the regular season. Along with that, Lincoln also won in both boys and girls categories in boarder-cross.

It was a clear conditions on the slopes of Mt. Hood Meadows ski resort on Feb. 23.The weather had significantly improved, and freshman Adam Knox-Warshaw enjoyed the lack of rain. “The weather was so much better because it was sunny and clear for the first half of the competition with great snow,” he said. “Then, in the other half of the day, it started snowing, which was still much better than than rain. Plus that just means more snow for the future weeks.”

Leaders in the banked slalom event were senior Cassidy Smith for the girls, and senior James Mitchell for the boys. Other boys category leaders include Adam Knox-Warshaw, Daniel Thiele, and Michael Angyus. Other girls category leaders include Claire DeLaMare, Jessica Peters, and Sylvi Kruger.

    In boarder-cross, the winners were James Mitchell and Cassidy Smith. James was ecstatic about his first win of the season. “I’m very happy with how well I did,” Mitchell said. “I mean of course I was excited, but was not very surprised. I do not believe myself to be a great snowboarder, but I expect myself to be able to ride to my fullest, and accomplish what I want to do. Winning the event was want I wanted to do, so that’s what I tried to do. I was very pleased with the results, and myself.”

Next competition will be on March 8 at Mt. Hood Meadows.