Dr. Who Club Enlightens Members


The Doctor Who Club meets every Friday in room 105 during lunch to watch episodes of the British science fiction television series “Dr. Who.”

Club advisor, Amanda-Jane Elliott,  loves “Dr. Who” and  has been watching the show since she was five. Elliott appreciates that “diverse casting, people of color, different sexual orientation are all at home on the Dr. Who and the Dr. Who Club.”

She believes many lessons can be learned from the show: ingenuity, bravery, tolerance, and nonviolence and says the show expresses love to be the greatest thing of all.

At the beginning of the year, freshman Maria Duong knew nothing about “Dr. Who” until she went to a  club meeting with a friend. “It was really weird at first, but as I watched more I began to understand and it was interesting,” Duong said. Her opinion changed after giving the club a chance, saying, “Now I like it.”


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