Student Rep. Andrew Davidson Speaks on Teacher Strike


Andrew Davidson, student representative on the school board is a Grant High School senior.

Why is student voice important in the contract negotiation process?

It is important because both parties claim to be bargaining on behalf of students. However, it is still a labor contract, and therefore should be between the two parties unless, like now, it is affecting learning conditions.

If a strike was voted on do you think a contract would be reached in the 10 day cooling off period?

I honestly have no idea. As I said in my last student report (at board meeting), I didn’t think the negotiations would even go this long and didn’t anticipate the total disregard for student well-being.

Did you participate in the walk-out that took place at Grant?

No, I did not.

Why not?

Walk-outs don’t, in fact, show support for the teachers but the opposite. If we want to show that we support our teachers, we should let them teach, without disrupting their class. This was just not an appropriate event for the issue. The students that stayed in class were supporting their teachers by letting them teach. Class time should not be taken away, either.

Something else to consider is the fact that parents who work hourly positions can’t afford to take the day off to look after their kids. They depend on the schools for child care and can’t miss work. This is a big issue in low-income families.

Strike would begin Feb. 20 if agreement is not reached.

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