Students Stand Up to Cancer


Sophomores Kimberly Kuhn and Mai O’Neill are working hard to save lives. Along with sophomore Sandra Hong, the girls started the club Stand Up to Cancer this year to help raise money for cancer research.

The club’s goal takes on a personal note for co-president O’Neill.“I’ve seen cancer affect a lot of people I love,” O’Neill said. “It’s something that everyone needs to address because it’s something one in three adults gets.”

The club holds a special place in co-president Kimberly Kuhn’s heart, as well. “I started the club because close family members of mine had nearly lost their lives to cancer,” she said.

Now, both girls fight for those in similar situations.

The club raised money over the holidays by selling lottery tickets for goodie baskets, where the winners would win a basket full of holiday-themed surprises. The project, along with previous fundraisers, brought the club a total of $100 to support the Stand Up to Cancer Foundation. A new, although secret, project is soon to come.

While $100 may not appear to be that much, Kuhn doesn’t seem to mind. “Whatever amount of money we can raise puts us closer to finding a cure,” she said, “and that can help us save thousands of lives.”

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