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Leela Moreno: Editor-in-chief

May 22, 2023


Raymond Moreno

Editor-in-chief Leela Moreno has been a part of the Mass Communications program all four years of high school. She will be attending Brown University in Rhode Island.

Senior Leela Moreno led The Cardinal Times with care and genuinity; those she’s worked with only have kind words to say.

“Leela is a great writer and a natural leader,” said Cate Bikales, former editor-in-chief during the 2021-2022 school year. “She’s one of the sweetest people I have the privilege of knowing.”

Along with her friendship with Bikales, Moreno has built many long-lasting connections.

“We just have such funny conversations in The Cardinal Times,” said Moreno. “We all really love spending time with each other, which I think is one of the best parts about being on staff here.”

Throughout her time on staff, Moreno has learned that journalism is about giving back to the community.

“Journalism is all about influencing change and being able to work with people, learn new things and help [others],” said Moreno.

For Moreno, journalism has been an opportunity to connect with the people around her, as well as empower underrepresented voices. In her sophomore year at Lincoln, Moreno began the podcast ‘We Are Not Alone’ with fellow reporter Skylar DeBose, about being a student of color at a majority white school.

“You get to learn about other people’s experiences and then you get to share them,” said Moreno. “Being able to highlight voices that are underrepresented in the media has been very important to me and that’s something that I’ve stuck to all throughout my years on the paper.”

By spending four years with the Mass Communications course, Moreno has plenty of fond memories.

“The red chair is a core memory, fighting over who gets it,” said Moreno.

In the fall, Moreno will be attending Brown University in Rhode Island. She is looking forward to being on the East Coast with family she doesn’t see very often.

“I’m feeling super blessed to have a home away from home in Rhode Island and New York,” said Moreno.

At Brown University, she’ll be studying international and public affairs with the goal of working in diplomacy or public policy.

“I’m really passionate about immigration, the law and social justice,” said Moreno. “That is what I want to do with my life, working on equity.”

The Cardinal Times adviser Mary Rechner has known Moreno for four years and has enjoyed working with her.

“Leela is a great combination of being super smart and also having a really big heart. I think that combination is pretty amazing,” said Rechner. “She cares a lot and she leads with the needs of others.”

No matter how much time passes, Moreno will always look back at her time with The Cardinal Times warmly.

“Even if you move on and seniors […] graduate, you never lose those meaningful connections,” said Moreno. “I know I’ll always be able to visit the staff and connect with my really great friends from the Cardinal Times.”

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