From Funding to Budgeting: How ASB manages money


Lisa Klein-Wolf

A portion of the senior class poses for a picture at the first Color Competition spirit assembly in the New Nest wearing their traditional color, red. All activities are planned and organized and led by the ASB team and activities director and leadership teacher Lisa Klein-Wolf. The assembly included participants from each class competing in a variety of games like tug of war and limbo.

Riley DeBose

The Associated Student Body (ASB) is in charge of planning and budgeting for student events. Lisa Klein-Wolf, leadership teacher and activities director, works with the students in ASB to plan dances and other events like senior sunrise. 

 Klein-Wolf would like students to have a larger role in managing funding. 

“One of the things that we’re hoping to work on this year as a student government is having a treasurer,” said Klein-Wolf.

ASB has never had trouble finding the funding for events, but they aren’t told the budget they have to work with at the beginning of the year. 

“Anything we’ve wanted to do Principal Chapman has found the funds for us to do,” said Klein-Wolf. “But it makes it difficult for kids to plan when they don’t know what is there from the beginning.” 

Klein-Wolf explained why having a clear budget would be helpful.

“I think what my students feel is to be told, ‘okay, this is the amount of money you have,’ and then allow students to learn how to work within that budget, keeping track of expenses and income and just figuring out how to run a budget,” said Klein-Wolf.

The money generated from past events is used to fund future student events.  “Each grade level runs a big event and then the money made from that event goes into their class budget,”said Klein-Wolf. “Sophomores are in charge of winter formal. The juniors plan the prom.” 

Klein-Wolf said that after the ASB team covers the expenses for the event the extra money is put into the given class budget. 

“Homecoming has always been a senior event. Seniors plan it in the leadership class, we have to pay for venue custodians, a DJ, refreshments, and any lights or decor that we put into the event,” said Klein-Wolf. “Then any money after those expenses are paid goes to the senior class budget.”

Lincoln’s bookkeeper Laura Lambert detailed how the money is spent for events.

“The funding comes from ticket sales [for dances]. So we don’t get any funds distributed to [Lincoln] from the district [for ASB/dances]; it’s all self-funding,” said Lambert.

Seniors are also able to choose how any leftover money from the previous graduating senior class is spent.

“We consult with that senior class to see if they have any special requests for what they want to do with that money within Lincoln,” said Lambert. “Then the funds will typically roll over into the lower classes to look and see if there is a class that’s maybe underfunded. But all of that [money] has to stay within Lincoln High School.”