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Security guard: Laura Farmsworth

October 13, 2022


Nidha Eakmbaram

Lincoln welcomes new security guard Laura Farmsworth. Her favorite part of Lincoln is the large campus that looks like a college campus.

Q:Why did you decide to come here? What made you want to become a security guard?

A:Well, of all of I thought this school is going to be one of the better ones. Women in security is starting to become more of a thing now. So this year is the first year that every part of the public high school has at least one female on the campus. You know we can go places that the men can’t, like the girls locker room, the girls restrooms, you know, and just sometimes for a young lady it’s more comfortable to talk to a woman than a man. Yeah, you know, and so that’s my biggest thing is you know, I like to be able to be there for the young ladies that need somebody to talk to.

Q:What were your first impressions? What is your favorite part of Lincoln?

A:It’s huge. Absolutely huge, immense, it’s a gorgeous campus. It does not look like high school. Looks like a college campus. It’s nicer than some of the PCCs and brand new. It’s a very beautiful campus. I can’t wait for the athletic fields to be done. 

Q:What is your job? 

A:We pay attention to everything that’s going on, you know, make sure that everything’s secure inside the building and outside the building and we only have people on campus that are supposed to be here. 

Q:Where are you from? 

A:Portland is my home base. I’ve moved around a lot, but I’ve been back in Portland for about seven years.

Q:Fun facts? 

A:I have two boys. My youngest is in sixth grade. They are going to be coming here for high school but we have a few years. Yeah. So I’m very glad to be here. And I think that this was a wonderful school and I see nothing but good things for it.

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