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Geometry teacher: Mona Schraer

October 13, 2022


Addison Locke

Mona Schraer teaches geometry

Q: Were you a teacher before joining Lincoln Staff? If so, where? 

A: This is not my first year teaching. I have been teaching for 21 years I think. I used to be in California. In Oakland and San Francisco and then moved to Portland 14 years ago. I taught at George Middle School and then I taught at Grant for 7 years. The last 4 years, I actually left the country and I had been living in Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City teaching there. 

Q:  What do you teach?

A: This year all I teach is Geometry. 

Q: How are you liking the new building?

A: I like when I look out the window or walk down the hall, I can always see trees. I can see a tree from here! I always feel connected to the outside in some way which is wonderful. 

Q: What is your favorite part of teaching?

A: My favorite part about teaching is when you connect with the students. Today in class, everyone was getting different ideas on the same problem. They were all sharing and were excited about math. It was pretty weird, but it’s so fun teaching in a room where everyone is having a good time and we’re all talking about Math. 

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