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Devyn McMillen: Sports editor

May 24, 2022


Courtesy of Devyn McMillen

Sports editor Devyn McMillen will be attending Willamette University in the fall.

Sports editor Devyn McMillen has had their eyes set on the concept of journalism since elementary school. 

McMillen started pursuing their interest by doing summer workshops centered around photojournalism, but eventually resonated more with writing. McMillen didn’t want their only form of writing to revolve around English essays, so joining the Cardinal Times gave them the opportunity to write about more things they cared about, particularly sports.

Flipping through the newspaper in their freshman year, McMillen was unsatisfied with some of the sports articles they saw and wanted to spark change.

“I’m a multi-sport athlete. I was on the varsity soccer team, varsity ski team; I always loved playing sports, and I wanted there to be articles beyond what I was seeing,” they said. “Most of the articles I was seeing would be spring sports updates and recaps of games and that was boring.” 

One highlight was an article they wrote about two unrelated deaths at Mount Hood that confused the public due to their close proximity.

“I got a Best of Students Newspapers Online (SNO) award for that article and that was the first award that I got, and I was like “woah” because I could write articles about sports and it could be recognized [even though] the news and features and arts and culture articles are the ones [typically] getting the attention,” said McMillen.

McMillen’s time on the paper helped widen their perspective and recognize the gravity of what they writes. 

“Before [writing for the Cardinal Times] I didn’t realize how many strict ethics you have to follow. It helped me have more integrity. You have to be true to your word,” said McMillen. “If you’re taking an English class, no one will be reading your work other than your teacher and some peers, but [when you write for the paper,] you will actually be publishing [it] for everyone to read. They expect what you’re saying is true. You don’t wanna be fabricating anything that isn’t true. It has helped me have more honesty in anything I’ve been writing.”

McMillen describes how the professional working environment of the class has forced them to be reliable and self-sufficient.

“[It’s] a really interesting class that probably reflects what a job or an internship would be like because it is the only class I’ve ever had, and probably is the only class in the entire school other than the yearbook that is 100% student-run,” they said.

Collaboration is another factor of the paper McMillen enjoyed, especially with their co-sports editor, Cole Tomlinson.

“He brought really good ideas to the table when I didn’t have any,” they said. 

McMillen’s deep passion for sports and journalism will continue beyond high school. In the fall, McMillen plans to major in communications and play D3 soccer at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon.

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