Winter Sports Preview


Keira Saavedra

Winter sports ramp up for the upcoming season.

Keira Saavedra


The dance team is looking forward to the upcoming winter season after having their past two seasons shortened due to the pandemic. 

“This season, I am [excited] to spend time with my team doing what I love and feeling the rush of the competition season,” junior Keelin Sullivan said.

The team has big goals for the upcoming competitions and rest of the season. 

“Our goals are to improve as a whole and as individuals, to try our hardest to get the best scores we are capable of and to put our best on the floor at competitions,” Sullivan said.

Their first competition was on Nov. 6, and the team placed second in both routines performed. 

“We are taking the judges advice and making changes to our routines so that we hopefully can score better in our upcoming competitions,” Sullivan said. 

Their next competition is on Feb. 12 at Tigard High School, so make sure to come and support your Cardinals!



The cheer team is excited to continue cheering on the Cardinals this winter season. 

“Our first basketball game that we are going to is going to be in early December. We want to go to at least one before winter break, but most will be in January and February,” Junior Taylor Levow said. 

Levow and the team hope to continue expanding their skills in each of their cheers. 

“We want to focus a lot more on stunting and tumbling this season, which is fun,” Levow said. 


Women’s Basketball:

The women’s basketball team recently got a new head coach and are ready for the change. 

“I’m looking forward to our new coach and the program he’s planning on putting in place this year along with what he’s planning to do with it,” senior Julia Calvin said. 

The whole team is excited to participate in a normal season after the pandemic shortened last year’s.

“This year, our main goal is to win as many games as we can and have a great time while doing it,” Calvin said.

The team’s next home game is on Dec. 10. Come and support your Cardinals!

Men’s Basketball:


The men’s basketball team is welcoming a new head coach this season, Coach Heather Seely-Roberts. They are looking forward to a great season. 

“Something I am looking forward to this season is being a senior on the team and hopefully winning a lot of games. Our goal is to win the Portland Interscholastic League (PIL) and make the playoffs,” senior Trevor Dean said. 

The team is ready for their first game of the season. Their first game is on Dec.10. at Lincoln. 


Ski Team: 

The ski team is looking forward to a great season after the pandemic thinned the roster last year. 

“[Team goals] are probably just to qualify for the state competition and do as well as we can,” senior Lea Kuehnis said. “But because of the pandemic, our team is much smaller, so I think we also just want to grow as a team again this season.” 

The team is ready to get to the mountain each week for practice and competition. 

“I am most looking forward to going up Wednesday afternoons to go skiing and for our ski trip this year,” Kuehnis said.

Their first race of the season is on Jan. 8. Come support!


Snowboarding Team:

The snowboarding team is ready for the upcoming season.

“The team had the biggest turnout [we’ve ever had] at our meeting a few weeks ago,” senior Kaylan Zhang said. “It was so nice to see everyone again and I can’t wait to bond and ride with the incoming riders.” 

The team is excited for their upcoming competition and to be able to cheer their teammates on, especially after a season lost due to COVID-19.

“Our biggest goal is killing it at the state competition of course, but watching the team progress and advance together is always an accomplishment. The best part about being on our team is the support you receive and reciprocate,” Zhang said. 



The wrestling team is excited for the upcoming season and to be able to connect with the wrestling community at Lincoln. 

“I love to meet the new people who have joined the team either from our gym outreach or from word of mouth. The idea that wrestlers are walking the halls at Lincoln and talking about our sport/program with their friends is heartwarming,” Coach John Farinola said. 

The wrestling team has big goals for the fast approaching season and are prepared for the competitions ahead. 

“Our goal is to make certain that every Lincoln student knows about our program, and sees it as the inclusive team it is. Our second goal is to be competitive,” Farinola said.

The team’s first tournament at Lincoln is on Dec. 11 at 9 a.m. Come out and cheer on your fellow Cards!



The swim team is looking forward to their upcoming season after having two years without the sport due to the pandemic. 

“I have always looked forward to the swimming season because it’s really chill,” senior Cameron Chen said. “I feel like the team always comes together and becomes really cohesive by the end of the season.” 

Chen hopes to create a good team environment to help strengthen the team when it comes to competing. 

“We have a lot of goals as a season, and our goals slowly progress as the season goes on toward our goal at the end of winning or placing at the PIL districts meet,” Chen said. 

The team’s next competition is on Dec. 15 at Dishman Community Center. Go Cards!