Profile: Tony Dominguez – New Campus Security Agent, Actor, Musician


Amelia Thorpe

Tony Dominguez, New Campus Security Agent, pictured outside of Lincoln. Previously Dominguez has worked at Roosevelt, picking up acting and the keyboard.

Amelia Thorpe

Before Tony Dominguez was Lincoln’s campus security agent, he had a small role as a coach in Lincoln’s production of “Grease the Musical”, six years ago. 

“I just talked two different actors into letting me have two of their lines, and it worked,” he said.

Dominguez grew up in Portland, where he attended Reynolds High School (now Reynolds Middle School).He started working at Lincoln last year as the campus security agent, but this year is his first year with all students in the building. 

Acting and music are two of Dominguez’s passions. In previous productions, he’s been a cop, a prisoner and, in the Roosevelt High School production of “Bring It On: The Musical,” an announcer at a cheerleading competition. Dominguez was also a part of other Roosevelt theatre productions including, Oklahoma, and The Wizard of Oz.

Dominguez first got into acting when working at Roosevelt as a campus security monitor. 

“I got talked into doing a part from the drama teacher, and then I just got hooked,” he said.

After doing a few plays for schools, he found the Twilight Theatre in North Portland and started to audition there. Dominguez is currently in the Roosevelt play, All Together Now. 

Over the COVID-19 lockdown, Dominguez did theatre on Zoom, as well as learning how to play the keyboard from a friend. 

“I’m really passionate about learning [the keyboard] because I played the harmonica,” he said. “But the keyboard is just a whole different thing.”   

While working at Roosevelt, Dominguez joined the staff band, a group of people he still plays the harmonica with today.

“We just go out to one of their houses and we just get together,” he said, “and we just jam.”

Campus monitor, Frank Acosta, who has been working at Lincoln believes Dominguez is a good fit here. 

He says, “I see that he’s made that connection with students, and a lot of students are really connecting with him.” 

So far, Dominguez has had a good experience working at Lincoln, and he urges Lincoln students to find their people.

“Make sure that you find some people that have your back, that are into the same things that you are into,” he said. “And be around them as much as possible.”