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Anita Agudelo – Library Assistant

September 30, 2021


Keira Saavedra

Anita Agudelo, Lincoln’s new library assistant, has come to Lincoln after traveling the world to share her love of literature.

Among the new staff working at Lincoln this year is library assistant and world traveler Anita Agudelo. You can find her in the library reading or helping students find books.

“I just help [librarian] Lori Lieberman with anything she needs… and help the kids find books they’re interested in. I love talking to students about books and also helping them become interested in reading,” she said.

She also helps promote new books.

“She makes library displays for literature promotion,” Lieberman said. “For example, there are three amazing displays right now promoting Hispanic Heritage Month.”

Before getting hired at Lincoln, Agudelo used to volunteer in the counseling office.

“I volunteered once a week in the counseling office for the past four years,” she said. “I don’t volunteer there [anymore], as the volunteer time conflicts with my work schedule.”

In her free time, she is an avid reader and loves historical fiction and biography.

“One thing that’s great is that it becomes kind of your job to read a lot of books when you work in the library, and I love to read,” she said. “[My favorite] book is Jane Eyre. It was probably one of the books that made me love reading. I love classic mysteries, they are my go-to for a fun read. I love Agatha Christie and P.D. James.”

Prior to moving to Portland, Agudelo lived internationally and volunteered in a variety of schools around the world.

“[My family] lived in Malaysia, Brazil and Germany,” she said. “[I worked at] the Graded American School in San Paulo, Brazil, then the Bavarian International School in Munich, Germany. Just volunteering, doing the same type of things.”

She decided to start working at Lincoln because two of her kids are Lincoln graduates. Her third is currently a junior.

“I really liked volunteering, and I feel like [working here] not only allows me a chance to get involved, but I also find it’s really rewarding for me. Kids are interested in so many different things and the teachers really facilitate those interests along with the schoolwork,” she said. “I can interact with students, and [young people are] very in tune to things. They see the world in a different way. They see all the possibilities.”

The other library staff love to have her around too.

It’s great working with her. Anita has really positive energy and she’s fun to be around. She genuinely likes students and libraries so this is a perfect fit for her,” said Ms. Lieberman.

In her free time, Agudelo loves traveling and cooking. She might even bring in some treats for students in the library.

“Once we have less COVID-19 restrictions, I’m sure I’ll be baking and cooking snacks and bringing them in,” she said. “That’s sort of my thing.”

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