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Jaden Schiffhauer: Arts & Culture editor

June 10, 2021


Courtesy of Jaden Schiffhauer

Former Arts & Culture editor Jaden Schiffhauer will be attending the University of Victoria in the fall.

As senior Jaden Schiffhauer prepares to attend University of Victoria next fall, she reflects on her time with The Cardinal Times and at Lincoln, admiring the memories and skills she’s gained.

Schiffhauer decided to take the Intro to Mass Communications class in her sophomore year after a friend recommended it to her. 

“I first heard about the paper through my friend Mei Xu, who is also one of the Arts & Culture editors,” said Schiffhauer. “She had taken the first intro class, and she liked it. She told me I should take it, so sophomore year I decided to take Intro to Mass Communications and I enjoyed it and I continued on to the paper.”

Schiffhauer has really enjoyed getting the opportunity to write more outside of the standard English classes and tune into what others are doing in the Lincoln community. 

“I really just like being able to write, so being on The Cardinal Times in general has been a really great opportunity for me to just write in every opportunity that I can,” said Schiffhauer. “And then being an Arts & Culture editor especially, it’s fun to be able to look at other peoples’ pieces [and] see what they’re interested in and what they’ve been reporting on, especially about the Lincoln community.”

She has taken a particular interest in the Arts & Culture position.

“It’s nice being in Arts & Culture specifically because that’s the facet of news that I would be most interested in reading myself; seeing what other people at Lincoln are doing with their free time,” said Schiffhauer.

One of the most challenging aspects of The Cardinal Times for her has been asking people if they would be willing to do an interview. 

“Getting interviews and making myself reach out to other people, other students, has been very difficult for me… It’s hard for me to reach out to people and be like, ‘Hey! Do you want to do an interview for The Cardinal Times?’ especially if I don’t know them,” said Schiffhauer.

As a departing senior, she leaves a message for future Cardinal Times staff members:

“Take each little article you do as a learning opportunity. See every new technique you use in your articles as a way to improve,” said Schiffhauer. “I know with each article I’ve done, there’s been at least one thing that’s been different, and that has really helped me improve.”

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