Profile: Polly Barnes and Hailey Crewes

Juliet Zimmerman

Starting this year online might be a different experience, but it does not have to be all bad. In the first few weeks, it was announced that the club fair would still happen, and that all the clubs would be online. But instead of just joining a few clubs that already existed, two freshmen decided to take matters into their own hands, and make something that was all their own. Polly Barnes and Hailey Crewes co-founded the new LHS film club just as the school year started up.


The idea for the club started after the online club fair was announced.


“I guess I made a bunch of films over the summer with my brother, and there wasn’t a film club for freshman, or like a film class, and I was like, well maybe I can do it. And that was that.” States Barnes.

“It was relatively easy, we just had to fill out a form and email it to the vice principal and we made a slideshow and a signup sheet. And then we made an instagram page. I followed a little bit of planning but not much.” Continues Barnes.


They admit that there will be struggles with having the club online. 


“It’s definitely a lot harder online, because we’re going to have to work our way around [the pandemic], and we’re not going to be able to do scenes together” Worries Barnes. “In person you can actually make a movie together, but we can’t really do that. And it’ll be harder to get to know people.” Adds in Crewes.


But both founders have hope for this school year and beyond

“We want to meet new people, because it’s a big school, and it’s a good way to [get to]  know people” Mentions Barnes. “If it works out, I would love to [continue the club into the following years]”

“Next year if we go back to school [in person] that would be great.”

In the end, it is the experience that matters most.

“I’m excited to make films!” Exclaims Barnes. “Yeah, I’m excited for the experiences, and the friendships.” Concludes Crewes.

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