Finding ways to occupy yourself during quarantine


Grace Alleman

One way citizens are spending their time during quarantine is making homemade medical masks, among other arts and crafts.

The recent quarantine has created major upheavals of life for everyone, including Lincoln students.

With new changes to daily life, students have found new ways to keep busy and stay creative. Students have been making do with what they have at home and finding new ways to create during these trying times. 

With a multitude of options cropping up all over the internet including free videos for instructions, arts and crafts have been providing a great way for students to entertain themselves and help others.

Senior Stella Harkness has been spending her time cooking during the quarantine. She recently made creme brulee. Harkness has found that cooking during quarantine helps her normalize her time. 

“It add[s] structure to my day, lets me get off my devices and be able to focus on a single thing for a long period of time, which keeps me from going stir crazy,” says Harkness. 

With all of the spare time many now have, cooking can be a great way to create something that you can then eat. It also provides a distraction from the world and a brief reprise from much of the fear and negativity often seen. 

“I also think that the break from the internet has been really nice when I bake because I’m not focusing on the pandemic and the fact that this will have so many greater impacts on our society that won’t be over for years,” says Harkness. 

Senior Grace Alleman has been spending her time making masks during the quarantine. She saw other people making them and decided to try it out. She’s also been sending out extra masks to her friends.

“Our masks are reversible and we’ve been using lots of fun fabric scraps,” says Alleman. 

It is important to remember that if you are choosing to make masks for those in the healthcare field to check and see if they are allowing donations of hand-made masks and what the requirements are for these masks. 

Other options for more art-related projects include painting and using plants to create various pieces of art. 

When it comes to ways to stay creative during quarantine, the sky’s the limit. There are multitudes of suggestions online and, oftentimes, plenty of projects that utilize items people already have at home. It is important to find things to keep busy with during these trying times and to find activities that keep ways to structure the day a little.