Video Game Review: NBA 2K20


Courtesy of CNN


There are certain games that have problems that aren’t fixed, but NBA 2K20 is not one of those games. NBA 2K20 might have had a rough start this year, but they really changed it around. It all started when it was just released on September 6th, I couldn’t do a single thing in the game. In NBA 2K20 you can play as any NBA team and WNBA team you want and you can play as any NBA or WNBA player.


First, it started with the servers and lags. You would play a game online and it would just crash, you couldn’t get through the first half without it crashing. It wasn’t until three days later when they released a new update which fixed the crashing issues and lag spikes. Lag spikes are actually a big part because it could be a close game and you would lag and next thing you know you lost. I lost so many games in the beginning because of it.


Next problem was the, the shot meter. The shot meter is an important part in the game because you need it for everything. You need it for everything because you have to shoot the ball every time you come down the court on offense and if you can’t shoot, then the game isn’t going to be fun. Everybody’s favorite parts in the game are dribbling and shooting, so a lot of YouTubers were mad because you couldn’t shoot so people started turning off the shot meter until they fixed it.


Last year in NBA 2K19, when you would shoot a full bar you would have an 80% chance of making the shot, and now at the beginning NBA 2K20 you don’t have that high of a percentage. A full bar is when the shot meter is full and you get a perfect release on the person’s shot. It wasn’t until September 30th when they fixed the shot meter and made it so players were less inconsistent. Once they released this update I finally got back on to the game and now I play again all the time.


I compare this game to 2K18 which was the same except in 2k18, MyTeam was a lot better and the MyCareer mode was worse. I have played all 2K’s since 2K08 and this was by far the worst start I’ve seen compared to a lot of the others.

MyCareer is a gamemode where you create your own player and you play in college, go to the NBA Draft Combine. and then get to go to the NBA. Also, you can play with friends in the neighborhood. When you play in college, you only play one game and it is the championship. You play for Bay City college. In the Draft combine you do everything that the NBA players did at the combine like, Weight lifting, Agility, vertical, and shooting.  The neighborhood is an online mode in MyCareer where you got to a park with a bunch of basketball courts with our friends and you play other real players. You can either play 2v2 or 3v3. MyTeam is where you get to make your own and team but you have to upgrade. You start with 22 cards and then you have to go from there. There are 10 different rarities of cards you can get, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Sapphire, Ruby, Ametyst, Diamond, Pink Diamond, and Galaxy Opal. There are several different game modes online and offline. The one that is the same online and offline is Triple Threat. Triple threat is the funnest game mode because you play 3v3 either against 3 guys that another online player picks or CPU if offline. All of the other game modes crash.  


Lastly, now that everything is updated, the game is fantastic. You can shoot the ball accurately and the servers don’t crash as much. If I were you I would get the game, but I would play MyCareer instead of MyTeam. The reason I would play MyCareer over MyTeam is because I feel like you get a better experience with MyCareer because the server still crashes in MyTeam and it is more pay to win in that gamemode. But in MyCareer there are no crashes and you get to customize your own player. I would rate this game a 9/10.