Profile: Chris LaCarrubba

George Spencer

By: George Spencer

When you hear the word counselor do you think of a helper who is ready to assist any student no matter the challenge they face academically or socially? That is what Lincoln’s new counselor Chris LaCarrubba is ready to do.

“Before I got into education I was a soccer coach and found it incredibly rewarding helping youth,” said LaCarrubba. “I also saw that there was a need for youth workers and that education was not getting the resources it needed.”

LaCarruba has been in education for 13 years and it shows in his work with students.

“You’ll always want to do the best you can for students and give them all the time they need, so I guess the challenge is balancing the different demands that we have,” said LaCarrubba.

LaCarrubba says staying emotionally invested in each student’s request is a challenge, but it’s important to the success of every student both academically and personally.

“Good counselors are supportive in all students’ challenges,” said LaCarruba. “The most important part of being a counselor is reminding students that they are larger than any problems that they may face. Their resilience and their voice are important. I think a counselor’s job is to advocate for students’ voices.”

LaCarruba advocates for students while reminding them that they are important no matter the circumstances that they are in, because to him helping students have a fulfilling life is the most important part of his job.

“Be ready to work, work hard, no matter how much the paper piles up around you,” said LaCarruba.  “You need to make sure that you stay focused on students needs.”

He loves his job.

“There’s no better career path or job for me than helping students out. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.”

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