A look into student expression through art at Lincoln


Senior Tasneem Sarkez has been passionate about art ever since her freshman year at Lincoln. Her art is heavily influenced by her Arab culture and how she “juxtaposes it with American culture.” Her inspiration comes from communities she’s part of and
things she sees in her daily life.

“If something catches my eye, I’ll normally sketch it in my sketchbook.” Sarkezrevealed that her sketchbook is “an entire world of my own that is best-understood by me.”
Sarkez mainly uses acrylics, oils, color pencils, highlighters and pens. She hopes to get more into mixed media by incorporating mirrors, embroidery and tissue paper in combination with paintings and drawings. Sarkez also likes to experiment with media, colors, techniques, and ways to communicate ideas and feelings. A lot of her digital collages are united by a common theme.

Olivia Flamm, a senior, got involved in art by representing obscure experiences and memories with abstraction.

Flamm says “for a lot of people, myself included, art is one of the only significant ways we can engage in class projects, as well as peace of mind.”

She believes art is a way to express herself. Flamm says that “student art and self-expression is also vital to ensure that the people entrusted to educate and mentor us understand the full depth of each students’ experiences.”

She enjoys using lots of different materials across different mediums. To her, art is comfort, relief, safety and control over her own life and her own story. Senior, Addison Ferriday says her main medium is photography. She enjoys mixing elements from other subjects, like design and photography. She says the outcome is “always something more fun and interesting.”

Ferriday always wanted to be an artist of some sort, and she’s grateful for the variety of classes offered at Lincoln.

“The classes here at Lincoln have also definitely given me the tools to develop as an artist.”

She prefers to shoot mostly on film because “there’s a lot of different components that come with treating photos on film, from developing and processing and printing and more.”

“There comes a lot more possibility for a really unique and personal finished products,” says Ferriday.

Ferriday says that “there’s also a lot more than just a piece of paper- you can use a lot of different mediums to create a piece.”

She is interested in exploring and incorporating 3D aspects and materials to a lot of her pieces, as well as reusing older or scrapped material.