Letter from Editor

Hello and welcome to this year’s first issue of The Cardinal Times.


In an age where journalists and their craft are routinely attacked and exploited for political benefit, there are a number of questions that emerge. What is the role of journalism? Who does it serve? Why have a student-run newspaper when we already have so many other forms of school-related news: the Lincoln app, the Weekly Bulletin, morning announcements?


Student journalism is different because, at its best, it encourages critical thinking. We are not just here simply to communicate things that the administration wants us to. We are here to challenge, to inform, to think about school initiatives in new and creative ways. 


Everyone on the staff is part of the Advanced Mass Communications class– that means that we’re here to learn as much as we are to report on the issues. As such, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve, revitalize and strengthen the paper.


We are taking suggestions, tips and criticism in “Letters to the Editor”– a recurring segment where Cardinal Times editors respond to readers’ concerns and work to make the paper more reflective of our student body.


We’re growing our digital branch, too. Not only are we working to expand our social media presence, but we’re planning to offer digital and website-exclusive content for the first time. Check out cardinaltimes.org in the near future for a wide variety of podcasts, exclusive Issue 1 stories about Lincoln’s new earbud policy, a diminishing FLEX schedule, our fall sports preview, and more … 


That’s why I’m asking you to please submit questions, comments, critiques and feedback via our Instagram, @cardinaltimes (DMs always open), our email [email protected], or submission to Room 122.  Changes to our media can’t be made successfully without the help of our readers.


I’m excited to open a dialogue with you all. Thank you for reading.