Seniors soar off to new places

Designed by Wyatt Lincoln
Stats provided via Naviance (we have published 307 responses that were available as of May 24). Complied by Kayla Rae and Sagarika Ramachandran.

Looking for the list? You’re not alone.

Allow us to explain.

At the end of the year, The Cardinal Times has historically published a list of seniors’ names and post-high school plans. In the past, these plans have been provided to us by the school’s counselors via Naviance. However, in recent years, students have objected to the violation of their privacy that this imposes. As a result, we have declined to publish the list this year.

We understand that the list has been a staple of The Cardinal Times’ senior issue for several years and that many of our readers may feel upset that we’ve broken with tradition. However, while the primary role of journalism is to inform, we also believe it is our job to determine at what point a story harms the readers instead of
helping them.

This year we compiled all of the information of where students will be geographically. Our information came from the Naviance surveys, therefore we only had 307 responses out of 420 graduating seniors.

We hope you enjoy the rest of our senior issue. We’ve done our best to report news affecting the Lincoln community and featuring students in the 2019- 20 class.

We wish the senior class all the best.

Thank you,

The Cardinal Times Editorial Board

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