Student uses tutoring to help community

Michael Yoo has supported his community as
a helpful friend, AVID tutor and the founder of

Photo Courtesy of Michael Yoo

Michael Yoo has supported his community as a helpful friend, AVID tutor and the founder of STEMS.

From drum major to STEMS and AVID tutor, Michael Yoo has spent countless hours during his time at Lincoln to help make our community a better place.

Yoo considers being in the band to be one of his great accomplishments at Lincoln, saying, “I think being in the band has been the most beneficial for me. It’s also something that I learned a lot about myself from.” He lists leadership, friendliness and cooperation as just three from an “endless list” of positive attributes he’s gained from the band program.

In his sophomore year, Yoo auditioned to be drum major. Starting the fall of his junior year, Yoo assumed the role, “serving as the communicative bridge between the instructor and the students.” Although it is time-consuming, Yoo enjoys his role, conducting music during parades and marching band shows, and even leading the band during concerts when the teacher isn’t there.

The other major commitment Yoo has made is to tutoring. As part of a committee of other seniors this year, Yoo helped start STEMS, a math tutoring program for students interested in bettering their abilities or simply achieving a higher grade in their current math course. During the first semester this year, Yoo committed to tutoring three times a week for about an hour and a half after school.

In his second semester, Yoo spent more time with AVID than STEMS.

“I’m not actually involved in [AVID] itself; I just enjoy tutoring, so I join them Mondays and Thursdays.” As for STEMS, he tutors both days for about an hour and a half after school.

Yoo summarized that his true passion behind devoting so much time to tutoring is bettering the community around him.

“If someone asks you for help, or if you want to reach out to someone to see if they’re okay, then anyone is willing to accept help or give help,” he said. “I think that if I can show other people that… they’ll want to be an example that inspires other people to not only focus on themselves but focus on others, because in the end that’s just going to make the people around you and the community a better place.”

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