Dance captains reveal motivation, takeaways from time on team


Photo Courtesy of Keeley Driscoll

From left to right: Seniors Alice Evans, Maya Gonzalez and Alex Melville pose on Mike Walsh field. They are some of the few seniors on the dance team and have stepped up this year as the team’s leaders.

Right face. Left face. About face.

These are the drill down commands that seniors Alice Evans, Alex Melville and Maya Gonzalez have mastered through practice and competition since their freshman year. Despite shifts in atmosphere, commitment and routine, these seniors devoted countless hours to the team over the entirety of their high school careers.

Because Melville and Gonzalez had enjoyed the atmosphere of West Sylvan Dance Team, they decided to continue on to Lincoln’s dance team. Evans was previously a gymnast and took dance classes at West Sylvan. She joined dance after gymnastics took a toll on her physical health.

Although many team members left to pursue other activities, all three girls stuck with dance throughout high school.

“I feel like I haven’t really been part of something that took up so much of my time and I felt like it was something that I couldn’t really replace. I mean, we’re a family, and it would be hard to give up a family,” Melville says.

They agree that one of the most rewarding parts of being on the dance team is seeing the final dance routine come together. Because of the work it takes, they have learned more about responsibility and discipline.

On the other hand, the seniors say that the time and dedication that dance takes is not for everyone.

“You can benefit a lot from dance,” Gonzalez says. “But if there are better opportunities out there, it is okay to step out of it and think about yourself if you don’t see dance in your future.”

Evans, Melville, and Gonzalez have experienced the loss of friends and opportunities throughout high school. However, because of it, they have learned many valuable things.

“It’s important to put yourself in front of others sometimes,” Evans says.

They also emphasized that one should make the best out of everything they have and live every moment like it is their last.

“There are really few things that, in life, kind of stick with you and that you take with you throughout life,” Gonzalez says, “You kind of learn the importance of putting aside other things in order to come to this one team.”