Chani Welle excels in theater

The creation of productions at Lincoln takes up the time and energy of those involved in them. As one of the leading stage technicians, senior Chani Welle knows this better than anyone.

Since working on “Grease” in the middle of her freshman year, Welle has gained much experience from the drama program at Lincoln.

Welle has embraced her declared inability to act and dove into the behind-the-scenes world of plays and musicals.

“I really love to be in on the ‘secret’ of everything that goes into making productions. I’ve worked in many different positions since freshman year. I started in costume then sound and stage managing and lighting,” she said.

In Lincoln’s production of “She Kills Monsters,” Welle designed the lighting that was used, one of the things she is most proud of throughout all of her background in theatre.

“What made that experience unique was that I didn’t just help the process, but I really got to be a part of it,” she said.

Welle feels as if theatre at Lincoln has made her a better person through the skills she’s built along the way.

“I used to be nervous about public speaking, but because being a stage manager forced me to take charge, I got to be a good leader.”

As she reflected on her time in the drama program, Welle observed how much she has honed her skills over the years.

“Sometimes I wish I wouldn’t have been so stressed about every little thing and had gone with the flow just a little more… I’ve learned to do that a lot better.”

Aside from the leadership skills she’s gained, Welle hopes that everything she’s learned will continue to have a role in her life through and after her time in college at PSU.

“In college, I would like to be a part of whatever theatre program they might have or maybe even come back to Lincoln to help with productions. Beyond that, I would really hope to keep up lighting design as a hobby,” she said.

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