From drummer to builder, Joe helps expand Lincoln


Cole Pressler

Senior Joe Thurston smiles as he rythymically hits a drumset. Thurston is an Eagle Scout, as well as a member of the Lincoln Percussion Ensemble who recently helped renovate the band room.

He’s not your average Joe.

Joe Thurston is a man of many talents, from music to robotics to construction. He is head of the Lincoln Percussion Ensemble (LPE), as well as an Eagle Scout. His history with music goes all the way back to his elementary school days.

“In fourth grade, I started with the trombone,” says Thurston. “In sixth grade, I realized that was a horrible mistake, and got into percussion.”

As the LPE leader, Thurston dedicates over 10 hours a week to the program. Recently, he stayed after school until al- most 7 pm to sort everyone’s uniforms.

Perhaps Thurston’s grandest contribution to the school is part of the school itself. A couple of years ago, he opted to help expand and renovate room 163 for the band. The project required 40 people, and over 1000 hours of work in total. Thurston says he acquired his construction knowledge through years of practice.

“I’ve built workbenches, cabinets, tables, you name it,” he said.

Thurston will be graduating with a full IB diploma this year and will be attending the University of British Columbia.