High times at Lincoln 2019

In a school-wide survey conducted at Lincoln this year, 78% of the student body claim to have tried marijuana. 41% of students have smoked in the last 30 days. 36% of students have been under the influence of marijuana at a Lincoln event and 33% have been under the influence at school. Of the students who have smoked, 46% of students are getting it from other Lincoln students, 11% from strangers, 6% from parents and 10% from a fake ID. 72% of students have been offered marijuana by other Lincoln students.

19% of students smoked once a month, 19% smoked 2-4 times a month, 9% smoke a couple times a week and 8% of students smoke every day. 25% of students say their intake of marijuana has increased with it’s recreational legalization in Oregon. 23% say that marijuana has affected their friendships, and 11% say it has affected their school work and activities.

13% of students had used cocaine, 6% had used speed, 17% had used LSD, 14% had used molly 6% had used meth or heroin, 30% of students have recreationally used prescription drugs and 10% of students have used lean.

Overall, 4% of students think they have a drug or alcohol problem.

In 1972, you said….

In a school-wide survey conducted at Lincoln in 1972, 34% of the student body claimed to have tried marijuana. 64% had never tried marijuana, 11.5% had smoked less than once a month, 6% smoked once every month, 5.3% smoked once every two weeks, 5.3% smoked once a week, and 6% smoked three or more times a week. 44% of the senior class said to use marijuana, which was the highest percentages of all classes. 39% of juniors, 30% of sophomores and 22% of freshmen claimed to use marijuana.

In 1994, you said…

In a school-wide survey conducted at Lincoln in 1994, 45% of the student body claimed to have tried marijuana. 12% of students used marijuana once or more times a week. 5% of students had used cocaine or crack, 14% had used LSD and 9% had used speed. 17.5% of students had attended a Lincoln function intoxicated, while 18% had attended school when intoxicated. Overall, 4% of students thought they had a drug or alcohol problem.