Trimet spends millions on elevator repairs


Mary Rechner

The evaluator at the Hollywood Trimet stop is currently going under repair.

TriMet is spending $22 million to repair 19 elevators at the Transit Center MAX platforms throughout the Portland metro area. The repairs started last May. Currently TriMet is working on the elevator at Hollywood/Northeast 42nd Avenue. This location started on January 18, and will cost at an estimate of $732,830.  


TriMet is repairing one elevator at a time and with the closing of elevators, it is affecting those who are in need of one. Those who are disabled, carry lots of groceries, or even parents with their kids in a stroller must redirect their routine in order to complete their commute.


Getting around with the Max is already a little hit or miss, especially with a  wheelchair, but it’d be hell to try to rearrange my entire trip for the elevator,” said Gehrig Baur, a junior at Lincoln High School, who uses a wheelchair.


“TriMet should be accessible to everyone, and should be able to cater towards peoples’ needs,” Annika Fougli, a Junior who doesn’t attend Lincoln High School, stated. After having experience to what it is like to travel with an injury to the leg, making it difficult to walk, she can relate to how difficult it is to get around when elevators are out of service.   


It may seem to riders as if elevators at TriMet stations are fine and aren’t in need of an upgrade, however TriMet is working on improving safety as well as functionality.


According to the official TriMet website, weather conditions alter the material of the elevators, leading to a lower safety rate.


In winter, the elevators are subject to rain, snow, ice and condensation. In summer, intense sun beats down on the doors, causing surface temperatures to soar and the metal to expand” explained a statement on the TriMet website.

TriMet also states on their website that although they’ve “worked to maintain these elevators, the time has come for major improvements.” The improvements include “replacements of all the components of the elevator cabs, including the electronics, mechanical and HVAC equipment, panels and doors.”


With each elevator expected to take 12-14 weeks to repair, TriMet has yet to determine when all the repairs will be completed.