Lack of snow in Portland causes disappointment, relief

Through early to mid-February, over 20 inches of snow fell in Seattle, the Gorge was hammered with snow and the Willamette Week predicted one of the biggest snowstorms of the century in Portland. However, the Portland Area received less than an inch of snow in most places.

Not only did this predicted storm wreak havoc around Portland as citizens scrambled to gather supplies. Lincoln students and teachers prepared for what many were calling a “snow week.”

Many students were looking forward to the predicted snow days. Lincoln senior, Reid Chen, says, “It was an emotional roller coaster. Every time I looked at the weather, the expected snow continued to decrease. Our weathermen really failed us.”

On the other hand, many teachers feared the lost time the snow days would entail. English teacher, Dardn Thomsen, sent an email to students and parents informing them to “keep reading and working on already assigned work” and “check Google Classroom regularly for updates.”

Math teacher, Aisha Beck, was planning on a similar approach. She also noted that it was especially important for IB students to stay on track as “we don’t get extra time before the exam so those would be learning days in the snow.”

Ultimately, the predicted storm had vast impacts on the students and teachers of Lincoln. Senior Jan Charatan sums up the opinion of many saying, “Everyone overreacted to the weather forecasts. My soccer games got canceled and there wasn’t even any snow.”