A recap of the last four years…


June: Rio World Cup
February: Ebola outbreak
June: same sex marriage is legalized in all 50 states
August 9: Michael Brown shooting
August 11: Death of Robin Williams
Flappy Bird removed from the App Store
Release of Apple Watch


June 3: Death of Muhammed Ali
September 11: The Martian premieres
September 15: Snapchat filters introduced

October 23: “Hello” – Adele
February 15: Damn Daniel meme
NFL season: Cam Newton makes dabbing fam0ous
Golden State Warriors go 73-9


August: Rio de Janeiro hosts Summer Olympics
November 8: Donald Trump elected President
January 9: Salt Bae meme introduced
January 17: Death of Vine
January 21: Women’s March
April 14: Kendrick Lamar drops “DAMN”
July 15: Stranger Things comes out



August 21: Solar Eclipse

September 2: Eagle creek fire burns in Gorge
September 26: Fortnite battle royale released
October 1: Las Vegas concert shooting
February: Pyeongchang winter olympic games
March 14: death of Stephen Hawking