Girls lacrosse focusing on teamwork


Courtesy of LHS girls lacrosse

Lincoln girls lacrosse team.

Goggles, mouthguard, sticks, skirts, running and whistles. What you can’t see is how proud Lincoln girls lacrosse is of their team.

Both JV and varsity have been having successful seasons this year, with varsity 11-2, and JV 6-5. They have faced tough teams, but focus on ways they can improve and better themselves as a whole team. They condition many times a week, have practice everyday there isn’t a game and work hard to better their stick skills. Their main focus though, is their strong bond.  

Varsity player Zia Bajwa, a junior, couldn’t be more proud of her team. Her confidence in the girls on her team stems mainly from the chemistry they share on and off the field.

“I think this year our team has a strong connection as a whole,” said Bajwa. From previous experiences, she knows that “friends made through lacrosse are always some of the best and closest friendships.”

One of the JV captains, Sara Blodgett, is pumped about how the season is going so far. Although she loves the sport due to its “uniqueness,” she still does experience some stress in her role as captain.

“During games, I feel like there is more pressure to perform well, not mess up, do everything correctly,” she said.

This year, things are different for Blodgett than they have been in previous years. Not only is there a new varsity coach, there is also the opportunity to swing from JV to varsity, an opportunity that many JV players aren’t choosing to take.

“I decided to focus solely on JV, which has turned into a really fun learning experience,” Blodgett said. “Lacrosse is such a beautiful sport, and although it may remain confusing to many, it is so much fun to play and watch. There is nothing more fun than playing this sport that I love with a group of my closest friends.”

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