Are locked doors over the top?

Imagine being held up in line at Starbucks for a few minutes too long, running the risk of being late to class. Sprinting to the building and attempting to enter, a frightening discovery is made: the door is locked! Shock! Horror! What does one do? Walk all the way around the school to the one door that’s open to the outside world, doomed to being late? That’s the dilemma that many students face with Lincoln’s new security policy.

The recent spark in conversation over school safety with the #MarchForOurLives movement has inspired Lincoln to shift towards a one unlocked door policy. The new policy, announced in the wake of the Parkland shooting in Florida, leaves only one door open.

Some students and teachers who are supposed to be kept safe by this policy instead feel that it’s merely an inconvenience.

“While I understand the need for safety, especially after the [Marjory Stoneman-Douglas] shooting,” says history teacher Rion Roberts, “I do think that this new policy only makes a crowded school more difficult to get around.”

Several students expressed concerns that there weren’t enough security guards in the building.

“I always come in after track and there’s never anyone guarding the door,” says sophomore Zoe Greenwald. “What’s to stop someone dangerous from just waltzing in?”

However, while some criticize the new policy for going too far or for not going far enough, there are some who feel that the security measures are necessary additions.

“Is it inconvenient? Yeah, a little,” admits junior Dilara Balkan. “But I’d rather walk around the school for a few extra minutes than have someone with a gun take a few extra lives.”