New ASB presidents hope to transform school


Photo courtesy of Madeline Gochee

Juniors Madeline Gochee (left) and Caitlyn Aldersea will lead the school as ASB co-presidents next year.

Juniors Madeline Gochee and Caitlyn Aldersea made Lincoln history becoming the first female All Student Body (ASB) co-presidents after winning the 2018-19 presidential race.

Students can run for a number of ASB office positions as long as they are passing all their classes with an average of a C. Students can choose to run for president, vice president, treasurer, secretary or SuperSAC representative.

Although many of these cabinet positions are well understood, one that might not be is the SuperSAC representative. This position is the bridge between Lincoln administration and the students. The SuperSac representative attends district meetings and coordinates with other school’s SuperSACs to improve communication between the PPS administration and students.

This year Lincoln saw a large number of students running for ASB president and vice president. The candidates included: Madeline Gochee with Caitlin Aldersea, Reid Chen with Danny Luo, Allen Song with Matthew Sgroi, Kendall Accetta with Hank Sanders, and Mckean Farnell with Clayton Allen.

On March 18, all of the candidates were given a chance to deliver a speech to the student body. Candidates touched on their goals for office, qualifications and even pitched jokes to win the crowd over.

But one joke seemed to cross the line. As Farnell and Allen delivered their speech, they referred to sophomore year with a sexually explicit term, leading to their disqualification from the race.

Allen declined to comment on the use of the term.

Some students believed the sole intention for running for ASB president was for the title.

“I think that they value the title, it’s definitely on their mind,” said freshman Marcel Blakely.

ASB Co-Presidents Gochee and Aldersea have a number of improvements they are going to work towards in the upcoming year.

“For sophomores, we will focus on mental health as well as options of where to eat outside of Lincoln. For juniors we are working with local lots for student parking. For seniors we are planning to increase overall spirit especially for the 150th celebration of Lincoln. One policy that benefits all classes includes creating discounts for Uber rides,” says Gochee.

Even though ASB elections are all wrapped up, class elections will soon be upon freshmen, sophomores and juniors as seniors say goodbye to high school politics.