Lincoln turns 150: celebrations are set to begin this February


Courtesy of Portland Archives

Central School, the first incarnation of Lincoln, located at the current site of Pioneer Courthouse Square, pictured in about 1870. Lincoln turns 150 years old next year.

The year 2019 marks the 150th anniversary of Lincoln, and the planning for the sesquicentennial (start getting used to that word, Lincoln students!) celebration has begun. This milestone will be celebrated with many festivities, each with many ways for students be involved.

The administration at Lincoln is setting up a world famous Abe Lincoln impersonator, an exhibit at the Oregon Historical Society, and the opening of the time capsule placed by next to the flagpole the leadership class of 1969, just to name a few.

While alumni are heavily involved in the planning, current students will also be part of the celebration through a special Homecoming dance and other assemblies.

In addition, students are being encouraged to join the planning process through several committees, like communications, event planning, and finance.

“I’m so glad to be apart of such a monumental event,” said junior Jack Forman, a member of the event planning committee.

“These [committees] will teach students important networking and planning skills for their adult lives,” said principal Peyton Chapman.

As the kick-off event for the sesquicentennial, Abe Lincoln reenactor Steve Holgate will come to Lincoln on Feb. 12 during FLEX in the auditorium. The format will be similar to a town hall, where students can ask “Lincoln” questions. Holgate has given many performances locally and has been reported on by The Oregonian.

The Oregon Historical Society exhibit will be a Lincoln retrospective of the past 150 years. According to Chapman, the exact details of what will be included in this exhibit has not yet been decided. The exhibit will be open in February and March of 2019.

While it may seem that Lincoln is going overboard on its birthday celebration, planners have important long-term goals in mind, according to planning documents. They include “build[ing] a strong base for excellence in the next 150 years, assist[ing] in the “Lincoln Rebuild” to prepare for the future, and to have fun and renew friendships.”

“It’s a really incredible opportunity to celebrate a strong history of education in our state when the public education is being bashed by the media,” said Chapman. “It is a great opportunity to define our history and outline our future.”

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