Opportunities for foreign trips abound


Auschwitz, Berlin, Havana, Paris, and more. These historical sites are all part of experiences offered to the Lincoln students. In the summer of 2018, students can explore the cultures of Germany, Poland, Cuba, and France.

The trip to Cuba is a cultural exchange program through a program called Rustic Pathways. The journey will take place from July 1-14, 2018 and be guided by two of Lincoln’s staff members: AVID Coordinator and social sciences teacher Melinda Gale, as well as mathematics teacher Ricardo Alonso, who grew up in Cuba.

“Our trip is geared toward students who would like a cultural immersion experience and who are interested on environmental conservation and rehabilitation issues in Cuba,” Alonso said.

Trips through Rustic Pathways are customizable, which means that students aren’t only provided with cultural immersion, but they can also be combined with service and conservation efforts on the island, according to Alonso.

This fact alone will make it out to be a unique attribute for the students, Alonso said.

“I am very excited about the trip and to share more about Cuba and my experiences there,” he says. “I have never been to some of the places on the trip, which is also very exciting to me.”

Those interested should sign up as soon as possible, as the 18 spots will fill up fast. The fee is to be student-paid, unless the student qualifies for one of the two scholarships provided.

Another option for students next summer will be a trip to Germany and Poland through an international program called EF (Education First). This 10 day experience will begin sometime around June 25, 2018.

Students will be traveling alongside mathematics teacher Aisha Beck, where they will later meet up with a group of about 40 other Americans and Canadians, along with a tour guide, Beck said.

This trip will take students through the historical sites of Berlin, Auschwitz, Budapest, and more as they travel through Germany and Poland.

Beck chose this trip due to her avid interest in Germany and Poland, along with the fact that she has been to nearly every country in Europe except those two. Beck is very excited to get this trip underway as she knows it will open new doors to the students joining.

“Travel helps students gain confidence and different global perspectives,” says Beck.

Once again, this experience will have to be paid for by students. Beck is currently working on fundraising, but as of now this is the only way of payment.

Another trip will be alongside French teacher Doug Siegel to France during the last week of June through the first two weeks of July in 2018. Students must be at least in their second year of French.

This experience will be executed through the Portland-based program Andeo. Similar to Rustic Pathways, it allows the instructor to customize the trip.

The trip will be a challenge for French students, where they will be given the opportunity to spend two-and-a-half weeks with a host family in France. After that time is finished, the group will visit Paris. Siegel sees this as a great opportunity for students learning French, as he himself went on several homestay trips as a high school student.

“My spoken French just skyrocketed. I began to understand the intricacies of why we say certain things, both in English and French,” he says of his homestay experiences.

Not only will it be a good challenge for the students, but the instructor is also given the chance to stay with a host family.

“It will be a good way for me to brush up on my French,” says Siegel.

Unfortunately, this trip cannot happen unless three more students sign up. If anybody is interested, they should speak to him directly in room 234.

Siegel says any of these summer trips will be well worth it.

“There is no better way to learn the language and to improve your oral expression than to live and breathe the atmosphere.”

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