What are students doing for No School November?

It’s No School November! This month, The Cardinal Times is asking students: What are you doing with all your time off?

(photos are in order)

Mia Tovar:

  • What she’s doing this weekend: “I have playoffs for Water Polo and we are hoping that next weekend we go to state and win. We are placed third right now in state.”
  • What she wishes she was doing: She wishes to win.

Ethan Nguyen:

  • What he’s doing: Doing some homework, studying for a test next week, and hanging out with some friends.
  • What he wishes he was doing: Spending the weekend up at Timberline skiing….and playing in soccer playoffs.

Sam Denton:

  • What he’s going to be doing: Hanging with friends and homework
  • What he wishes he was doing: Practicing soccer with his soccer team.