Rizzie D: LHS’s resident internet celebrity


Courtesy of Darina Miroedova

One of junior Darina Miroedova’s album covers. Miroedova amassed a large online following by doing karaoke, and is now beginning to get into songwriting.

She has 15,000 followers on the music-making website Smule. She has recorded over 8,000 karaoke covers. She has even written a song of her own. She is also a student at Lincoln High School.

Junior Darina Miroedova has been making and uploading music online for over a year now, under the name ‘Rizzie D’.

“Honestly, it was kind of a joke at first,” she says. “People would kind of make fun of me for it.” It stopped being a joke, however, when she began to realize she had amassed a large following.

For a while, Miroedova would only do Karaoke. Recently, she has been making songs of her own. Her first song, “Tearing me Apart,” has received over 300 views on youtube over the last three months. And she has only just begun.

“[My next song will be] The Next Chapter, and then I have ‘Bea$t,’” she adds.

Miroedova also has support from her parents.

“They support it, they support my creativity, they also think I should try not using autotune.”

When asked if she wanted to make this her future career, she responded that music would be “a side career, probably.” For her full-time job, Miroedova hopes to produce videos.

As a testament to her fame, she is currently the first result when searching “Rizzie D” on Google.