New face adds watchful eye over Lincoln

New campus security guard Frank Acosta works in his office this month.

This year, a new face is strolling the halls alongside campus security officer Stan Caples. Francisco Acosta has been transferred to Lincoln after a three-year stint at Alliance High School at Meek, in Northeast Portland.

Acosta, however, has been in the campus security business much longer. His career has ranged over 17 years. He spent 11 years at Marshall and four years at Franklin before his three years at Meek.

Until this summer, Acosta wasn’t aware that he would be getting transferred to Lincoln. Sean Mailey, Lincoln High School’s Vice Principal, explained that campus security is an entirely separate entity from the school and centrally run by the district. Mailey said that school administration has no say in hiring  guards. They are informed before the new school year who will be working at Lincoln.

“We were told over the summer that [Acosta] would be at Lincoln; he has been a great addition to the team,” said Mailey.

Acosta explained that every school he’s worked at before has felt  the same. However, Acosta expressed that Lincoln has a different feel to it.

“Students here already know what they’re doing,” said Acosta.

“The parents really are involved [at Lincoln]. I wish every other school had parents as involved as they are here,” said Acosta.

Acosta has been a part of the education community in ways other than campus security. Starting in 2013 and ending in June 2017, Acosta served as an elected official for Multnomah Education Service District. Often known as MESD, this organization is best known for organizing annual Outdoor School trip for sixth graders, but also provides many health and special education staff in schools across the county.

Acosta mentioned that he was planning on pursuing another term, but needed to focus on family first. Acosta was also on the Oregon School Board, specifically on the Board of Directors. He also helps on a committee for English language learners.

Hansi Accetta, History and Leadership instructor at Lincoln, said that Acosta has been a huge help at events already and is thrilled to have him on campus.

“He is one of those people who would do anything for Lincoln,” said Accetta.

Mailey also praised Acosta saying, “he is super hard working, great with kids, fun to be around, shows up at sporting events and volunteers to work at Homecoming. He has dived right in and is a huge part of the community.”

Acosta stressed that he wants to be friendly and helpful to students, not a person to fear. He said he would love kids to learn from his past, since sometimes he made bad choices.

“I never had that relationship with anyone [who told me to] do something different, so I try to make myself available [to students],” said Acosta.