Senior presidents discuss successes of year

Senior class president Joe Chock and VP Max Goldman.

When people say Lincoln High School, many think of the intolerable relationship with Grant, or simply off campus lunch. Although, some think of none other than the chaotic, hot and spirited assemblies. Who other than this year’s senior class Presidents do we have to thank for those assemblies?


Class President Joe Chock, and his Vice, Max Goldman, earned the role of planning graduation, running assemblies and being the voices of the senior class and the school as a whole.


The beginning of this work occurred only when Chock was given a list of duties of the President during signups, and he thought “That sounds really cool. Let’s do it.”


“I remember it was the last day of signups when Joe asked me to run with him for President and VP,” Goldman said. “I’m glad he asked me because I’ve loved being the VP this year, it’s been a lot of fun.”


Their goals going into the campaign and senior year were to begin a speaker series, which didn’t end up happening, and to improve attendance and spirit at sporting events.


“I think we accomplished spirit and attendance,” Chock said. “Although, we can’t take credit for that. It was a lot of Jules Rosier, Ben Kootnikoff and Jackson McCormick. We were just trying to bring together the class and get everyone excited about events.”


“I loved working with them,” Principal Peyton Chapman said. “They were positive and they built school spirit and were always very reliable. They’re really great role models. They’ve really set the bar high. They’re been really fun to watch grow and lead,” she concludes.


Their advice to students at Lincoln next year is to “enjoy senior year while it lasts” and “take your time and stay engaged.”


Now that they have graduated, the two plan to dorm together at the University of Oregon.


We asked them a few questions about how the year went:

Question: What is your favorite Lincoln chant?
Max: Talking out the side of your neck

Joe: Roller coaster


Question: What is your favorite class at Lincoln and why?

Max: Leadership because it’s fun and I enjoy working to help improve this school and the class makes me feel a part of the Lincoln community.

Joe: Leadership. Best class at Lincoln we encourage everyone to forecast for it in upcoming years. We get things done around school. Every school event gets planned, videos made, assemblies planned, forecast fair, etc. Best class and best teacher.


Question: What is your favorite memory at Lincoln?
Max: That’s a tough one. Probably the senior year color wars assembly.

Joe: When my mom won a special award at the May Fete assembly for her years of volunteering.


Question: What advice do you have for the future senior class presidents and for all students in general?
Max: Enjoy senior year while it lasts.

Joe: Don’t go through it too fast. Take your time and stay engaged.


Question: What are you most excited for when you leave high school
Max: College with Joe.

Joe: Rooming with Max.


Question: What was the hardest part about high school?
Max: Biology junior year.

Joe: Full IB was really hard but it’s rewarding once it’s done.

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