Future class leaders share plans


Jay Sharabu (right) and Andy Nguyen, Associated student body (ASB)

Lincoln’s class and ASB cabinets for 2017-18 have been elected. We asked each of the presidents and VPs the following questions to learn more about them and their plans.



  • Why did you run and what is your agenda as president?
  • What are your extracurriculars?




Sriya Chinnam and Pontea Sabi, sophomore class president and vice president elect


Sriya Chinnam

  1. I thought I was capable of the position and could contribute a lot to my school. Being sophomore class president you don’t get a lot of power, but I want to create more student unity, plan better dances and make assemblies more engaging.
  2. I play volleyball and have been playing for two years, and do Speech and Debate.


Pontea Sabi

  1. Leadership and collaborative roles have always been inspiring to me, I look forward to creating positive changes within the Lincoln community. [I] plan to focus on creating a more unified sophomore class. We want to create a sense of belonging and pride not only to Lincoln but specifically within our grade.
  2. I have been handing out menstrual supplies to homeless women after joining the organization PERIOD at my old school, Catlin Gabel.


Ben Brandenburger and Akili Kelekele, junior class president and vice president elect


Ben Brandenburger

  1. I have been involved in class leadership and love to help my class have fun and succeed academically. I will implement Town Hall meetings to inform the class of what we are doing, and roll out a class discount at local companies that will supply students with discounts. I will replace all the lights and paint the walls in all of our eight main bathrooms so that they are not so depressing. I will also try and connect the whole junior class so that we are closer as a class.
  2. Woodworking and I play golf and wrestle.


Akili Kelekele

  1. Refurbish the bathrooms, expand student discounts (started at Bellagio’s), integrate Cards Cook program with Culinary Arts class, sell Portland Gear x Lincoln clothing for cool school spirit, hold monthly town halls to hear concerns of students, and being active in our state legislature, in terms of bills relating to education. I ran for office because I thought I had a great deal to offer the class with my projects. Also, I have observed the role of the student council at Lincoln this year, and thought that we need to change what being “class president” actually means; is it only good for college-app enhancement?
  2. I am a teacher for the We the Future organization, served as head of interscholastic outreach for SHOVELS, and I also do projects for Leadership, along with basketball.


Bella Johnson and Madelyn Johnson, senior class president and vice president elect


Bella Johnson

  1. I would love to make our last year memorable, fun and well-organized. I wanted to be able to be the person who anyone can come up to and ask questions and have their ideas heard. I hope to get more student input on activities and follow through with all the aspects of planning.
  2. Lots of baking, reading, working and art. I am also very interested in learning how businesses work and run!


Madelyn Johnson

  1. I mainly ran because I wanted a way to better connect with my class and my school. My sister is going to be a freshman next year and I really wanted a way to be involved with her high school experience before I graduate. I am pretty introverted so to be in a leadership position is really new (and mildly terrifying). It will really push my abilities and help me gain more confidence in myself. Bella and I are currently trying to find new ways to make senior year exciting for our class. We want to be more organized than past administrations, and understand our class’s preferences through polls and surveys to ensure that they get the best senior year as possible. We are brainstorming events and possible catering options.
  2. I love writing and watching movies.


Jay Sharabu and Andy Nguyen, ASB president and vice president elect


Jay Sharabu

  1. To continue my legacy in office, and continue to make change at Lincoln. As president I have the ability to make change. I wanted to continue to exercise that ability into my senior year. I care about this school, and I believe I have the experience necessary to make a good ASB president. Lincoln’s primary issue is a lack of communication between the administration and the students. My hope is as ASB president is to increase communication so that people can actually figure what’s happening. I would like to be approachable so that if people have questions or problems they can ask me directly and I can see what I can do.
  2. I do Speech and Debate. I enjoy watching basketball, especially the Washington Wizards.


Andy Nguyen

  1. I was class treasurer for the last two years and I really enjoyed being on the cabinet. I would continue to have Lincoln grow as a school. I have the abilities to be a VP. Our primary issue is communication with the teachers and students. Students don’t know what’s going on with the administration.
  2. I love to watch soccer and basketball. I am a huge fan of Arsenal.