Vivace: Lincoln’s hidden gem

Vivace practices last month.

Beautiful harmonics born from talent and passion fill the stairwell with an air of magic and human emotion. Acoustics caused by the confined space echo through the whole cafeteria, creating an atmosphere of a bustling school filled with life.

Coming off their win at the Rose City Sing Off, the completely student-run Lincoln acapella team, Vivace, is one of the most interesting and thriving groups at Lincoln High School. They now have 17 members, making this the biggest team Vivace has ever seen in its 16 years of existence.

Popularized by the recent box office hit Pitch Perfect, acapella is the art of performing full arrangements of music using human voices only. By utilizing different tones and pitches, Vivace creates a woven tapestry of human voice as they practice arrangements of hits such as Crazy in Love by Beyonce, and Thinking Bout You by Frank Ocean.

In addition to being made up of talented musicians, Vivace is also one of the most eclectic, fun-loving, spontaneous, and accepting groups of people one could have the pleasure of meeting.

Dancing spreads through the group members like a virus as they exchange laughs and smiles, keeping in time with the beat. The whole group comes across as best friends, as they crack jokes and connect with one another through their common love for the music.

Although Vivace is a completely student run and organized club, it does have an appointed music director, who is responsible for creating arrangements of songs for the group to sing, and generally leads the practices.  

Joanne Lee, a Lincoln senior and current Vivace music director,  said “winning the Rose City Sing Off has opened up a lot of doors for the team”.

Vivace is now being approached by colleges inviting them to come sing and open up for collegiate accapella groups, and they are going to be singing at the Portland Rose Queen coronation. They have also been contacted by a few music producers that want to use their vocals for original music.

Hazel Lucy, vice-president of Vivace, said that the experience is “very vulnerable and healing” and that on multiple occasions while singing random people have told them that their music made their day, “and it’s really cool to share that with people”.

Lucy will be president of Vivace next year, and as president she would work on setting up gigs, arranging practices and times, etc. You’re sure to see more of Vivace in the future, and not just in school assemblies. They have a lot planned and a lot of potential, so keep your eyes out (and your ears).