After three year wait, Dutch Bros. finally opens

Customers wait in line to order at the newly open Dutch Brothers on West Burnside St.

Lincoln has waited for a long time for this, and now they have  it. The Dutch Bros. on West Burnside across from Fred Meyer is now open.

Dutch Bros. isn’t just any other coffee shop. It’s unique and different from your typical Starbucks or super Portland hipster coffee shop like Coffee House NW. Dutch Bros. is fun, youthful and way more than just coffee.

They have everything from flavored-infused sodas and teas to creative and creamy hot and iced coffee beverages. This Dutch Bros. has only been opened for less than a month and business is already booming.

“The store also expects to get a lot of customers once the Timbers and Thorns start playing again,” says Max Lydon, assistant manager and “broista,” the Dutch Bros. term for men skilled in coffee preparation, at the new location.

This new location at 2120 W. Burnside, is the chain’s 272nd store. The company began in the little southern Oregon town of Grants Pass, started by brothers Travis and Dane Boersma.

“Their vision was to have a rockin’ coffee shop,” says Dutch Bros. barista Jade Lebansky. What makes Dutch Bros. so special is the “Dutch Creed, the Dutch Brothers’ mantra,” she says. The three pillars of it are speed, quality and service.

“We want each and every customer to feel happy and satisfied. Our company is all about loving yourself and loving everyone around you,” Lebansky says.

Many Lincoln students have been ecstatic since the coffee shop opened. Sophomores Camilla Morse and Teal Scheffler are frequent customers and always get the “blended chai.” Sophomores  Romy Rosen and Lily Graham like the “Iced caramelizer and Dutch Frost.”

Many people, especially adults, don’t understand why Dutch Bros. is any different than Starbucks. First of all, unlike Starbucks, for the most part they only offer drinks. Second, Dutch Bros. is extremely appealing to young audiences, especially teenagers, because of the music they play , as well as the drinks themselves are more appealing to teens because there is more sugar.

This particular Dutch Bros. is even more unusual because it has a bike-thru. This structure is like a drive-thru, but for bikes and walkers. The city of Portland wouldn’t allow any more automobile drive-thrus for traffic reasons.

Because the location is on Burnside and between downtown and Northwest 23rd, a drive thru would most likely cause more traffic. It took more than  three years to build this new location because there was a lot of back and forth conversation between the city and Dutch Bros.

But it is finally here, and is now an convenient and tasty spot for Cardinals to meet up during flex, lunch and after school.

Click here for a map of the coffee options near Lincoln.