Trivia game draws crowds to new club


Steven Pape

The Kahoot club attracted over 60 students to their first meeting on Sept. 30.

Lincoln is known for having a wide variety of obscure clubs for students. One of those new this year is Kahoot Club. Kahoot is a website where people can join private trivia games. It is free to play and offers “Bring-Your-Own-Device” functionality, so anyone can participate.    

Kahoot was first launched in Norway in 2013 and was designed as a game that can be accessible to classrooms and be a fun way to learn. The Lincoln Kahoot club plays a range of different topics that are popular on the website like logos and popular TV shows. Kahoot also allows you to make your own questions, so the club makes their own quizzes if requested.

Sophomore Matthew Sgroi is the club’s founder. What started as a fun idea quickly morphed into something much bigger– around 60 people signed up for the club when it launched at Club Fair. This kinds of response for the club was surprising for Sgroi, who made the club as a joke with a couple of friends.

“It was kind of a joke like, ‘Hey let’s make a Kahoot club,’ and then people thought that it was actually a good idea,” says Sgroi.

Social studies teacher Steven Pape, supervisor of the club, teaches Sgroi. He opens every class with a Kahoot. Sgroi came to Pape asking him to supervise and help run the club.

“He knew I thought [the game] was fun and interesting,” said Pape.

The club meets on Fridays in room 169, and received a impressive 75 students at the first meeting.

“The first meeting was awesome, everyone was having a good time and was in great spirits,” said Pape.

Following the first meeting, however, there have been issues. To play the game you must give yourself a nickname. This gives people the opportunity to write whatever they want.

“We had some people using crude names, so we had to take those off,” says Sgroi.

The club asks that participants be respectful and use appropriate names, as it is a learning environment. If students follow those rules, Kahoot Club can be a fun and educational place to spend a lunch.