Opinion: That’s the spirit!

Spirit week is widely celebrated in many high schools across the nation. Students and teachers wear themed outfits on each day of that week.

Lincoln’s week began with Denim Day. Everyone was to don as much denim as possible- an uncreative and dull idea; it warrants little variety in clothing. It was a matter of quantity rather than quality. This day saw a vast number of students take part, even though only a few lathered up in full denim. Frankly,  it’s uncertain if students remembered Denim Day or if they were casual jean-wearers. Therefore, the Day failed to gain much traction.

Next up was Tacky Tourist Day. Unlike Denim Day, this idea requires creativity. Compiling a tourist costume depends on one’s perception of tourists. They be a backpacker or a someone with a large camera. One’s tourist outfit reflects their taste; it’s in the eyes of the beholder. The theme also encourages a calmer school environment; stress is eased if people are jovial.

Lincoln presented a diverse variety of “tacky tourists.” Some capitalized on the large cameras tourists wear. Others emphasized the stereotypical, uncultured Yankee tourist– a person sporting a Hawaiian shirt or an expedition hat. The agglomeration of inelegant tourists was undoubtedly drole.

Dynamic Duo Day enjoyed some participation as well. However, it was hard to decipher who celebrated the day. Many students were apart from their “dynamic” partners in classes. Unless students donned a gaudy outfit, it was hard to pick the duo-less participants from the crowd.

Color Wars produced  massive participation. Under pressure from fellow students, many felt  obligated to honor their class and wear their color. Freshman were ironically civilized (considering their “White Power” mantra a few years back- a White Supremacy reference by the freshmen) and appeared white-clad in large numbers.

Students of each grade seemed more united than normal, being pitted  against different grades. Some sophomores, juniors and seniors even wrecked freshmen hall. Meanwhile, the freshmen tried to counterattack sophomore hall.

Seniors displayed the greatest enthusiasm of all the grades. Their hall was glaring red and their chants rippled through the school. One would find lowerclassmen to be sleep-deprived in comparison.

Teachers were torn on whom they should have supported, but many donned the black Lincoln staff shirt, as is tradition. Others opted to join the oldest student group, the seniors, so they sported red. Some teachers decided to simply wear their everyday clothes.

Color Wars ultimately saw great involvement which surged the school spirit heading into the evening’s football game.  

Even though Spirit Week’s days were the same as last year’s, students and teachers were able to maintain its excitement. Some used creative ideas to hone in on their costume ideas and many found more school spirit at the end of the week.