Library printing goes into the Cloud

Sarah Van Emmerik

Students will no longer need to rush to the library and grab a computer if they only need to print, because with the new...  Read More »

September 18, 2014

CORRECTION on costs for photography

June 16, 2014

In the print edition of The Cardinal Times dated June 13, we misstated costs for photography students. According to photography teacher Nancy...  Read More »


Seniors Exit to the ‘Real World’

June 11, 2014

The...  Read More »

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This Song Slaps – Music Blog

New Songs and Fresh New Artists - Hip Hop, Trap Music, Dubstep, Dubstep Hip Hop, and Electronic...  Read More »

February 11, 2014

KGW Weather Report

February 6, 2014

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Water Polo teams aim for state playoffs

Water Polo teams aim for state playoffs

Kai Helberg

While the rest of Lincoln’s athletics are transitioning into the Portland Interscholastic League, the water polo teams will experience no league changes. As a privately-funded...  Read More »

September 18, 2014

In the first of her three sports as a Cardinal, Karin Yojima (right), exchange student from Japan, takes on a Wilson attacker last fall.

Exchange Student Jumps Into Cardinal Sports

June 17, 2014

    She was in a completely new school and country. She hadn’t played sports for three years. She hadn’t even heard of softball before coming to the United...  Read More »

Track Survives Roller Coaster Season

June 17, 2014

As track and field districts came to a close May 16, it meant the end of the season for many or even the end of a high school career for various seniors. With numbers...  Read More »

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A half-finished love affair

A half-finished love affair

Quinn Hauth

“Cloud Atlas” by David Mitchell is the type of book that someone carries around to look smarter. This is because the author — very deliberately—made the book almost impossible to truly...  Read More »

September 19, 2014 • 0 comments


“An Abundance of Katherines” by John Green

February 25, 2014

Though some prefer the more layered nuances of "Looking for Alaska," or the hilarious tragedy portrayed in "The Fault in Our Stars," my heart will always belong to "An Abundance of Katherines." The...  Read More »

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Italian exchange student Clara Mariano attends Lincoln

Italian exchange student Clara Mariano attends Lincoln

Grace Sullivan

 We sat down with Clara, a foreign exchange student from Milan Italy, to talk about her experience at Lincoln so far.This is the first in a series of weekly profiles on Lincoln's 11 foreign exchange students.Q: What’s...  Read More »

September 19, 2014

Great Flicks for the Summer

June 17, 2014

Avoid boredom this summer and fill the gaps in your schedule with these must-see blockbusters. “The Fault in Our Stars” - Shailaine Woodley and...  Read More »

Student Art Gets Portland Showcase

June 16, 2014

For all her life, painting wildlife depictions has been junior Paige Hval’s passion. Now a number of her paintings are showcased at Parker Furniture on...  Read More »

Freshman Eli Goldberg Hits Indie Rock Scene

June 16, 2014

Many musicians have graduated from Lincoln; musicians such as Elliott Smith, Nate Query (The Decemberists), and Robert Mann (co-founder of the Juilliard...  Read More »


Seniors Showcase Art at Annual Spring Show

May 27, 2014

Photos, paintings, and ceramics were on display on opening night of the annual senior art show May 22 and will remain on display until May 30. The showing represent...  Read More »

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