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Iranian women also need #MeToo

Angela Mashroutechi

June 1, 2018

A big topic the media is covering is sexual harassment and the latest news about the #TimesUp and #MeToo movements. Sexual harassment isn’t just happening in the United States, it is  also happening in other countries, like Iran. ...

Push students to be passionate about their work

Mei Xu

June 1, 2018

In recent years, there has been a steep decline in the quality of the American education system, ranking 38th in math and 24th in science out of 71 on the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) in 2017. America is the ...

Seniors shift on politics

Armand Yazdani

May 30, 2018

Political reversals are human nature. People join political parties one year and decide their values are unaligned a decade later. Others experience events which wholly alter their mindsets. Some politicians historically reversed their...

Amazon is good for consumers

Ainsley Vondeling

May 29, 2018

The retail market is bringing in over $3.6 trillion worldwide, consumers are becoming more willing to spend their money and in turn becoming more demanding than ever. With e-commerce growing so rapidly one major question is: ...

Adults are more addicted to technology than teens

Mathile Scheffler

May 29, 2018

The stereotypical teenager has their nose in their phone constantly, but what about adults? Do they really spend any less time using their electronics than their children do? In reality, they don’t. In fact, according to a Nielsen Report...

We must stop wasting food

Isabella Lo

May 29, 2018

Each year, billions of pounds of food are wasted around the world, but there are still people who struggle to find enough to eat. Many people are oblivious to the fact that food waste is a big problem. People should be educated about...

Local governments working to address climate change

Madison Fassioto

May 2, 2018

Some people in the United States deny that climate change is real. In the Pacific Northwest however, the City of Portland and Multnomah County are working to address the effects of climate change. According to The Oregonian,...

The lasting effects of redlining creates a lack of perspective in classrooms

Hudson Longaker

May 2, 2018

When a classroom lacks a diversity of perspectives, students are surrounded by people who were raised just like them, and it creates a false sense of reality that everyone's life is like theirs. This shelters students from the...

Tainting the Young Female Mind: Celebrities in the Media

Darina Miroedova

May 1, 2018

Open your phone, and Kim Kardashian is flaunting her famous curves. Watch a music video, and Nicki Minaj is crawling across the screen seductively. Use Snapchat, and Kylie Jenner’s face and big lips are plastered all over you...

Technology Benefits Society

Calder Moon

April 3, 2018

Technology is all around us. We have the world’s information at our fingertips. We’re more connected than ever before. But some people think that all this tech is driving us apart, that we are losing ourselves. Cyberbullying...