The Cardinal Times

Students are more stressed than their parents

Josh Weinrobe

April 10, 2019

Some students at Lincoln are skipping meals and feeling overtired due to stress. “Everybody is affected by stress,” said Lincoln student Caleb Moon. “Tests and essays for English class stress me out the most; homework...

The future is 20/20: Presidential Candidate Watch

Julian Bloom

April 1, 2019

With the 2020 Presidential Election coming up, Democratic candidates are getting a start on campaigning. The following is a list of major figures who have announced their candidacy for the presidency followed by a small outline of their views ...

Graduation rates improve but challenges remain

Kayla Rae and Angela Mashroutechi

April 1, 2019

Despite Lincoln celebrating its 150th anniversary and its successes during that time, issues present 150 years ago continue to affect students to this day. One of these issues is Lincoln’s lack of diversity compared to other hig...

Students call for bathroom reform

Zoe Scogna

March 21, 2019

Lincoln freshman Sasha Harriman expected gross bathrooms. She didn't expect to find used tampons scattered on the floor, pads stuck to the walls and the soap dispenser in the toilet. “The bathrooms have been repulsive for yea...

Freshman gain new experiences from high school basketball

Jade Gorlach and Anna Whitworth

March 21, 2019

Freshman basketball players love their experience, despite the early practices and time commitment. Their grades aren’t suffering either. In fact some students feel they are trying even harder in school to be able to play. ...

Students stressed by homework

Morgan Aldersea and Preslee Miller

March 21, 2019

Teachers are concerned by students who show signs of being overworked and stressed by homework.  Common signs of stress include showing fear, anxiety, frustration, and having headaches.Some teachers try to limit homework assignmen...

Underfunding causes problems at Lincoln

Amalia Carkeek-Hercey and Kiley Hearst

March 21, 2019

From the bathrooms to the classrooms, it is apparent at Lincoln that there is a lack of money. From constantly out-of-order toilets and tiles falling from the ceiling to water dripping through the roof into a huge mobile trash b...

Students search for sustainability

Hailey Dunst

March 21, 2019

Concerned individuals at Lincoln have been busy improving sustainability and reducing their eco-footprint. Students, with the help of their teachers, are raising awareness of the harm citizens do to the Portland environment ...