Disney’s Frozen: Another Classic

It’s no secret that since the animated film’s release in November, “Frozen” has become yet another wildly popular and beloved Disney classic.
The movie tells the story of princess Anna and her sister Elsa. When Elsa’s icy powers trap the kingdom in an eternal winter, Anna braves the frozen landscape in an effort to find her. One strong point of the film is that it focuses on adventure and the race to unfreeze the kingdom, rather than the possibility of romance.  
What’s the secret to the success of “Frozen”? A key component is the awkward and lovable character of Anna voiced by Kristen Bell. Anna is perhaps the most relatable princess in the history of Disney. From her unruly bed head to her routine clumsiness almost any girl can identify. She is witty, fun and ultimately proves that she will do anything to find her sister.
Of course there are other well-received characters in this film. Olaf, the goofy and adorable snowman sidekick is voiced by Josh Gad and adds both humor and heart to the film. Kristoff is a rugged and solitary ice salesman who teams up with Anna in her quest to unfreeze the kingdom.
The musical numbers are all spectacular, especially “Let It Go,” performed by Idina Menzel. The hit single has quickly reached the top of the ITunes music charts. “Frozen” is a fun, feel-good movie that breaks tradition. More importantly it reminds us why we fell in love with Disney in the first place.
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